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&; saviors & saints // devils & heathens alike // she'll eat you alive...

... and the girl is all but a victim in her sweet prison head ...

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teh meli with teh muffins
& all I am is holding breath;

Y halo thar! :D You've reached the lj of Meli, aka Melissa -- a blue-eyed, artistic, pale, extremely harmless 19 (going on 33) year old girl who currently resides in America.

Meli loves manga, anime, doujinshi, romance, web/graphic design, horror stories, crying at sad movies, violence, comedy, mangoes, those bad boys with a heart of gold, adorable things, adorably dark things, emo music, pandas, writing, necklaces, watase yuu, smex, tofu, smoothies, sushi, seafood, & every flavor of chocolate.

As mentioned prior, Meli adores anime/manga. Her favorite series are Inuyasha, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Death Note, AIR, SaiKano, Chobits, Koukou Debut, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Pitaten, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and many more, including every & any work she can get her hands on by Watase Yuu, Tanemura Arina, & Koge Donbo.

Of course, Meli dabbles in other fandoms as well. Her favorite television show currently is The Vampire Diaries. She also loves cartoons, such as Teen Titans & The Powerpuff Girls, but frequents adult cartoons more, such as Family Guy. She also loves watching Comedy (stand-up, improvisional, etc). Of course, she loves music too, and her favorite bands/artists are Florence & the Machine, Emily Haines, Kerli, Cake, Natalia Kills, and many many others.

Meli defines herself as adorable, open-minded, a survivor (that's first instinct is to panic), IM-phobic, non-religious, pro-gayrights, pro-choice, & a dreamer that likes to think outside the box. ♥

Within Meli's LJ you shall find much crack and artsy-fartsy-ness. This journal is friends only, so if you'd like to be friends, please comment to be considered! ♥

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Meriame's Profile Page

I also have a Twitter, so feel free to stalk my actions with it. XD

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all the world's a stage,
the men & woman merely players.

-- S h a k e s p e a r e
30 seconds to mars, adobe photoshop, air, akkan baby, alice 19th, angela aki, angst, animals, anime, anti-bush, appare jipangu, art, asian films, aya, ayumi hamasaki, bad boys, beauty, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, black, blue, bonnie pink, books, bubbles, cheesecake, chihiro onitsuka, chobits, chocolate, clamp, comedy, computers, crack, crosses, dancing, death note, dogs, doujinshi, dreams, e.s. posthumus, evanescence, fanfiction, fire, firefox, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gekka no kimi, genbu kaiden, gothic rock, graphic designing, greek mythology, green tea, grey's anatomy, hagane no renkinjutsushi, harry potter, heroes, higurashi, higurashi kagome, higurashi no naku koro ni, higurashi no naku koro ni kai, higurashi no naku koroni, horror, icons, icontests, imogen heap, instrumental, internet, inuyasha, josh groban, kamichama karin, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, kanon, kelly clarkson, key, kobato, koge donbo, koukou debut, lady vengeance, laughing, lee young ae, leonardo dicaprio, linkin park, literature, lol, lost, manga, mangoes, miwako okuda, movies, mulan, music, nature, necklaces, necks, nom nom nom, panda express, pandas, photography, pikachu, pitaten, plushies, poetry, pokemon, pondering, quotes, rain, rainy days, reading, red, regina spektor, rock, romance, ryuuguu rena, saikano, scanlations, seafood, shoujo, shoujo-ai, shounen, shrimp, sleeping, smoothies, spider-man, stephen colbert, sushi, takahashi rumiko, tanemura arina, teen titans, the powerpuff girls, the sixth sense, titanic, tofu, tom hanks, typing, watase yuu, water, web designing, wings, within temptation, writing, xd, yuri,

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